One day, a spider came home from exploring the forest to find the entrance to her burrow blocked by a small fire. Not knowing what to do, she called out for help. The only animals to hear her tiny cries were a fox and an owl that came to see what the commotion was about. The spider explained her predicament but neither the fox nor owl seemed inclined to risk their safety to help her. The spider then told the fox and the owl that she had recently captured a small mouse in her den. She had been saving it, knowing that she could feast on it for days, but she promised it to whichever of the two could put the fire out for her.

Not one to pass up a meal, the fox jumped forward thinking the small fire could be stomped out. His paws were immediately singed. The owl laughed and flew off, telling the fox and the spider to wait for his return. The fox furtively followed the owl, curious what he was planning. The wise owl flew to a nearby creek bed and began patching together a small blanket of wet leaves.

The fox, seeing what the owl was up to from a distance, decided to steal the blanket, so he hid and waited for the owl to finish. As the owl was flying back to the fire with the blanket in his talons, the fox pounced on him from atop a tall boulder. Stunned, the owl fell to the ground, dropping the blanket as he tumbled. The fox quickly snatched up the blanket in his jaws and ran back to the spider’s den. He tossed the blanket of wet leaves on the flames, smothering them. The spider kept her promise and delivered the small mouse to the fox. When the owl finally returned to the spider’s den, the fox simply grinned, having already finished his meal.